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Life, love


And Valentine’s Day


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“If you just stop and look at the world around you it’s amazing what you can see but the most powerful of all things to behold is the beauty and the power of love and unity.”


Life, Love, and Death


“Seeing the look and stare of love, of eye’s like pearlescent drop’s devout till the end.”


“When ones love is misplaced, or what was there is now not or possible loss humanity can shine and true angels come forward.”








The word Easter means different things to different people, to most the first thing when you think of Easter is chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies and other Easter related symbols.


The ironic part about Easter the first signs of Easter surprisingly show its self literally days after Christmas with some super store’s starting to stock egg’s and Easter chocolate bunnies’ and other miscellanea “way too soon” and the true meaning of Easter gets easily lost in the world of consumerization.


When I think of Easter I to think of Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies and hot cross buns but the true roots and heritage of Easter goes back millennia and centuries and the meaning and traditions vary in various countries and cultures.


The week leading up to Easter Sunday in Christian terminology is known and called “the holy week” originally the church forbid eating or consuming egg’s during the week leading up to Easter Sunday the tradition was later adopted by the Victorians with painted eggs and covered and decorated egg’s to what we know now today.


The biblical terminology of Easter/Eastru or Pasch Sunday is celebrated as the day when Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead and can be traced as far back as the early Christian’s of Mesopotamia.


Mesopotamia in modern day terminology on the map of the world is the area of the Tigris-Euphrates river system roughly corresponding to Syria Kuwait and other regions including the Turkish and Iraq borders in biblical times the area was known as “The cradle of civilisation”.


But along with the traditional Christian based Easter there is also the Anglo Saxon definition and mythology of Easter and the Goddess Eostre. The Anglo Saxon mythology talks about how the goddess found a wounded bird and transformed it into a hare so it could survive the winter. The hare found out it could lay eggs so it decorated these each spring and left them as offering to the goddess.


Whilst In Africa signs of Easter have been found going back as far as 60,000 years with red painted egg’s representing the blood of Christ and the resurrection.


As with most events such as Christmas, New Years Eve, and Easter and other significant events during the yearly calendar their heritage and definition and reasons why we celebrate them vary and are quite vague or have been forgotten. On further research with quite a lot of these events a lot say “it could have been” or “might have been” without significant hard evidence sadly the reasons blurred and lost in time.”


“But regardless of the hard facts enjoy the time off and make the most of your Easter and enjoy the chocolate eggs and enjoy the time with your family as will I whilst trying to keep to a diet which is always difficult this time of year.”


Independence And My Hospital Experiences  

Independence And My Hospital Experiences   

I've spent a little a time of my life visiting hospitals having Brain scans, blood tests, x-Ray's, EEG's a long list, after all of it I most likely glow in the dark and rattle but the one thing that I remember the most is the experiences of hospital's.


The one thing that unites all hospitals is the unique smell that clinical detergent smell with a mix of hospital food wafting through the air, despite going to various hospital's having various tests it's the one thing that's universal for all hospitals luckily the food has improved greatly from when I was younger.


Going for any procedure is always a little scary and when you’re younger it's double triple fold for me the most scariest was going for an operation to have lump removed from my leg.

My parents were scared, and nervous, which was understandable, I was quite young and I was frightened and scared and in denial that it was happening up to the point where I was on the table.

Luckily the operation was called off but only because I fought the anaesthetic "I had the full dose and managed to keep awake "I look back on the experience as a funny and quirky achievement my parents on the other hand not so good."

I've had to deal with a lot medical bits and pieces in my life so far in my younger years my epilepsy and lots of tests then being told you have a lump on your leg to being told you could have a brain tumour despite it all I feel very lucky in what I have achieved and that I'm, still here and alive.


 I still go for lots of tests, blood tests, x-Ray's etc this piece is inspired by the kind staff up at the Princess Royal Hospital In Hayward’s Heath. I recently went for blood tests and the staff as always brilliant, bubbly and a laugh.

A simple thing like taking bloods if done well makes the difference, some places I've been to in the past I have ended up like a pin cushion even one place trying to use a babies needle to get my blood, on one occasion they tried about 6 times trying to get blood's, but when ever I go up to the Princess Royal they pretty much get the vein first time plus brilliant service and a nice team.

I think those life lessons and experiences have made me more determined to do more with my life and to keep striving. I've come to the point where I have accepted the hospital environment as part of my life luckily I've met a lot of nice medical staff good doctors and surgeons and consultants who have all showed compassion and understanding and professionalism.

This piece is dedicated to the brilliant staff and team at the Princess Royal Hospital Hayward’s Heath and the Royal Alex now Brighton Hospital.




“Old School Haywards Heath”J


Dedicated to my Grandparents.


Paul Milton copyright 2015


The traditional family, and what family means, and looks like, have totally changed and transformed in modern times, and what people consider family as well? “I believe if you’re happy in yourself and you’re with the ones you love that’s what matters.”“A cousin of mine sums it up nicely “Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks just be yourself” best wise advice I have had in ages reminiscent of what my granddad would of said “his wise words of knowledgeJ”.




“For me the loss of my grandparents changed my family and my life totally. My family use to be quite close, the family parties were big family events and were some of the best and most memorable and life changing moments.” “The parties would pile out of the house literally and when you did go round it wasn’t so much the family but the neighbours as well who would also ask “how you doing” “are you well” like another addition and extra part to the family.”




“My grandparents were the kind of people who would help anyone the old school of Haywards Heath what Haywards Heath use to mean and stand for “If you still go down their old road today and ask a few of the originals they still remember them” “For example if I went round after school or college and if they were eating and had a meal on the table they would say “Do you want some?” and they would stop eating and split their food up so it would make three people. “If we went out for family picnics they would bring an extra round of my favourite sandwiches which would always taste better than anything.


“We even experimented to see if we could find the same margarine to get that taste but never could “really lovely memories.” J


“My granddad was known for his pickled onions brilliant but lethal one bite would blow your head off, my cousins other half came over from Australia this was the first time he met my grandparents and he tried my granddads pickles we warned him, he replied in a Australian accent “Are be alright” the next thing eye’s watering, coughing, spluttering, tearing, “one word hilarious” “sadly another recipe gone to the grave “but we have a hunch it was the cigarette ash as he pickled them that gave them the extra kick J.


Sadly like the season’s everything changes the family have all gone their different ways but we now have a new addition to the family a whole new side to the family and even more new additions to the family “From the old to the new.” The nicest and most emotional thing about having this new part of the family: - “It felt like old times and what it feels to be alive and how the family use to be and should be, and what anybodies family could be if you come together” “Old Fashioned family values” My Granddad and Nan would of loved meeting the new side of the family but also with the family party and event being in Greece as well where my granddad fought during the war they would of loved it “My granddad loved Greece as do I!”


Final thought: - “Keep an eye out for each other look out for one another and appreciate your family and what family means we only have one life so make the most of it, I wish the community well.” sincerest kind regards Artist Paul Milton.


“Dedicated to my wonderful and loving grandparents the old school and heritage of Haywards Heath and what this new developing town was built on let us not forget!”





My Gym Journey “PART TWO II”




“Picture above: -Warden Park Secondary School Year book 2000.


“In secondary school I absolutely hated, and detested, fitness, I could barely do a press up, or a sit up and I dreaded the bog trot. The only good memory I have from secondary school fitness/P.E, was when the P.E teacher on the off chance asked me to pass him the basketball, I eyed up the net and decided to take a shot at the basketball net from where I was standing the halfway line and I managed to fluke it in “and the crowd went wild” if only for a couple of second’s :)

“I’ve always been on the larger side never thin, and always that dreaded cliché “Good as a friend”, “a lot of these life event’s and situation’s for me were a big decider that something had to change”. Over the years I’ve tried a variety of diet’s and weight plans and even had a dietician at one stage. At my heaviest I was bordering on 25 stone, food was my only outlet and friend at that time.”

 “I’ve struggle with food most of my life I still do, even at family parties when I was younger I was usually called in to get rid of the unwanted food “Paul can finish that up” or I left with a doggy bag of goodies. Just recently I found myself in similar situation at my auntie’s house my family again meant well offered me a piece of lovely lemon drizzle cake and for the first time I decided to say “No”.

“There are just time’s in your life those moments when you look around you at the situation and what’s happening and unfolding around you and you have to make that decision and make a stand and for me “I wanted to be healthy, and keep healthy, I want to live a healthier longer life, and hopefully meet someone who’s beautiful, intelligent, and nice and kind along the way to spend it with as well”

My Current Diet and Eating Plan:-

Since my last piece about fitness I still go to the gym, I go about 4-5 times a week, I’ve currently refined my eating at moment so no goodies, chicken and rice most of the time with a few changes to my fitness routine and diet including 1% milk, low sugar intake and green tea with added supplements, protein shake’s, and green tea bar’s as well.

“Along with my eating I’ve changed my gym routine it’s so easy to get into a boring gym cycle and routine. I now do a warm up on the hand bike, then over to weight’s for bicep’s and triceps’ then once the arm’s are warmed up enough then cable’s for chest and back and waist and bicep’s and triceps’ as well, then over to the fitness mat for press up’s and sit up’s till exhaustion or fail. Then downstairs’ to the lower part of the gym for bicep’s and bench work.

Healthy Treat:-

My favourite treat at moment is watermelon, I’ve just got into eating it recently, having chicken and rice and eating healthy all the time can be boring so to change it up a bit, a nice bit of watermelon hit’s the spot. Its light, sweet, and good for you, and the bright colour red of the watermelon is a real change and treat for the senses from the boring brown and beige of the chicken and rice.

Nightly/Evening Eating Plan:-

“A few pieces of watermelon, a protein shake, and supplement’s each night before I go to bed with a creatine green tea.”

“If still hungry during the night, or I wake up a bit hungry a protein bar and shake to hand or a small bowl of chicken and rice saved in the fridge saved over, or a nice glass of milk. Milk is a brilliant reasonably cheap alternative to protein shakes but better suited to evening/bedtimes as its casein protein which is slower releasing works better for bedtimes.

“I’ve tried many way’s of adding creatine to drink’s milk blended, or a shake with it blended in, it’s ok but It can be gritty if not properly mixed”. “The best way in my opinion is the correct dosage of creatine in hot water mixed in with the green tea”. I found that creatine dissolves better in hot water, dieting and eating right to get results is pretty much like a science but also a learning process “a process I’m still learning”.

The key is to getting the balance right and finding what works for you and listening to your body and looking for the changes and the results.

I’ll be updating my fitness section when I can happy training :),and always consult a doctor before any change in diet or considering the gym.

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