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Artist and Advisor Contributes To Westminster AchieveAbility Commission (WAC) Report:-






Artist and Ambassador for Art's,Dyslexia and Disabilities Paul Milton latest Trip and Visit to America UNHQ. A really informative and insightful trip and visit, all the best to the kind people I met and spoke to.   


Latest Poetry and Dyslexia Artwork:- 




“Artist Awarded “Outstanding Achievement Award” in the field of Dyslexia”

Artist Paul Milton B.D.A Ambassador Formal Presentation of Outstanding Achievement Award By Lord From Uk Parliament London Copyright(c)2016-.jpg

(Artist Paul Milton B.D.A Ambassador Formal Presentation of Award by Lord Addington British Parliament)

My name is Paul Milton Professional Award Winning Artist, freelance writer, diversity and equalities promoter, and B.D.A Ambassador for Art’s and Dyslexia. Towards the end of last year I was awarded with “The Outstanding Achievement Award in the field of dyslexia by a Lord from Parliament the President of the British Dyslexia Association for my hard work promoting the awareness, and understanding of dyslexia, and for other projects connected to dyslexia.

“From an early age I was told that “I was thick and stupid” and “wouldn’t achieve anything or be anything” and even now I still come across discrimination of my dyslexia and for being different, this has made me more passionate about defending people’s human rights, and standing up against prejudice’s and discrimination which has no place in today’s society.

In my role as a dyslexia, and art’s, ambassador and fellow dyslexic I meet a lot of fellow dyslexic’s but one fellow dyslexic sticks in my mind a young student I met whilst at a talk and lecture she thought: - “she couldn’t achieve anything, or be anything” by the end of the talk she was in tears and I was emotional as well. “When she did pieces of writing she would talk her wording through with her parents to make sure it sounded right, and read right, something I also do”

“If I’m still coming across dyslexic students feeling they can’t achieve, or be anything, in my opinion more needs to be done and I will continue to campaign for more to be done for dyslexia and other subjects close to my heart, and for more respect and understanding to be given to dyslexic people.”

I believe in using my life to make a difference on the world instead of sitting back and do nothing “that isn’t living “to live is to make a difference for the better and to have a beating roaring heart in your chest that is living and that’s what it means to be alive!”.

“No one understands a dyslexic person apart from another dyslexic person until you’ve walked in our shoes you will never truly understand dyslexia and what we go through on daily basis and the power and gift we have!”

“I urge all people to stand up for your rights and what you are entitled to and you the reader are important your voice and your opinion matters “true power and strength comes from within”.

“Be proud to be different, be proud to be you, and follow your dream’s and ideas and throw caution to the wind and let your thunderous imagination and beautiful mind take you to new horizons and wondrous possibilities and let no one stand in your way!”

“I would also like to take the opportunity to thank the government for their continued support”

For further information and advice on dyslexia please drop me an e-mail or give me a call:-


Artist Paul Milton Nyman’s National Trust Art Exhibition
“A Day of Discovery”

Artist Paul Milton with latest art piece and dyslexia awareness poster
Artist Paul Milton Nyman’s National Trust West Sussex, Handcross 2016:-

Artist's Latest Exhibition at Nyman's:-  

               Nyman's National Trust, West Sussex, Handcross:-

Local Artist Speaks Up for Sussex:-


A really nice time exhibiting at Nyman’s National Trust, nice to be exhibiting locally and nice speaking to the nice general public and staff that popped in to say hello, especially lovely seeing the accessibility of my artwork and seeing my art crossing boundaries.

“A day of culture, different profession’s, nationalities and brilliant lovely weather, all brought together through art a really brilliant day.”
The highlight for me was seeing the universality of my artwork, I had a partially sighted gentleman come in with his carer he wasn’t able to see my work but could feel my textile’s piece. It was lovely to see dyslexia signed out visually seeing the word dyslexia signed in sign language and seeing the D and Y and letter’s of dyslexia signed out, disabilities conveyed and crossing via my art for me made my visit to Nyman’s one of the best and very emotional.

“Also nice talking about dyslexia to fellow dyslexic‘s, and professionals within that field.
“Nice to have a friendly face pop in and say hello as well.”



Artist Paul Milton and Katie Bourne Sussex Police Commissioner





Paul Milton London Meeting 



Paul Milton with with Justin Tomlinson


Artist Paul Milton London Westminster with Justin Tomlinson Minister for disabilities. A really brilliant day a real pleasure to meet such nice people!


Artist Paul Milton with Cllr Sujan Wickremaratchi Haywards Heath Mayor


Artist Paul Milton with Cllr Sujan Wickremaratchi Haywards Heath Mayor
"Really nice meeting the mayor, please support the mayor with his chosen charity a very worthwhile and brilliant cause sincerest kind regards."



Artist Paul Milton with British Dyslexia Association CEO Dr Kate Saunders

Artist Paul Milton with British Dyslexia Association CEO Dr Kate Saunders

Artist Paul Milton Westminster nice meeting nice people.



 Drawing On Memories Of Balcombe


By Artist Paul Milton B.D.A Ambassado r


Michele Tracy and Artist Paul Milton B.D.A Ambassador for Art's And Dyslexia


My name is Paul Milton I am a Professional Sussex Artist and British Dyslexia Association Ambassador for Art’s and Dyslexia.


“Memories are such a precious thing, remembering where you came from and how you got to where you are today and how certain places and events have an impact on your life. Those Memories and events are an important step for progression through life they make you the person you are today.”


“This most recent commission I would have to say is one of my favourites, because it’s nice to see my art going to a good home and it’s been a pleasure to do the drawings for such a nice person.”


“It’s also nice to be commissioned to do the artwork for Michele where the memories mean a lot and I can help capture those memories for the future and for further generations”.


“I prefer for the artistic process to be natural and to have a natural progression.”


“With this newest drawing I wanted it to be special for Michele as she is moving away from the place she’s grown to love.”


“I also feel the same as regards Balcombe the mix of rural village and picturesque scenery hidden down winding lanes is appealing. My life has also changed a lot recently and I too think on Balcombe with fond memories.”


“The drawings are all to a professional high standard, my drawing technique is still evolving and changing even now.”


“With previous drawings of Sussex locations such as Lindfield High Street and other coastal buildings the more you study the buildings the more you start to see how the buildings are constructed and the architecture involved.


“Occasionally you can miss certain elements or over look small details which make up the structures and buildings only under examination and drawing the buildings you are able to see these details.”


“On one of my previous commission’s which the two piece’s are now in Canada only when studying the building especially heritage and historical buildings only then you are able to see the alterations and changes that have happened over the years hidden under layers of paint.”


“I tend not to look at other artist’s work too much as I want my artwork to be fresh, unique, and different, every time.”


“With this latest commission and the recent demand on my artwork and drawings I feel my drawing technique has evolved again and it’s changing all the time each piece is different every time depending on the subject.”


“I wish Michele and her family all the best with the move to her new home, and it’s nice to think a little bit of Balcombe will always be with her and her family for years to come.


Michele Tracy Memories of Balcombe:-


“Thank you Paul for creating these beautiful pictures of Balcombe for me.


In the years to come they will provide me with fond memories of this lovely village and all the very friendly people that live here.


I will always remember Balcombe as the place that I rediscovered myself and could be myself!


Thank you for these very special memories.”

Haywards Heath artist captures memories of Balcombe 

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