Politics and Dyslexia


Paul Milton at Westminster 2016


Westminster Photography by Artist Paul Milton latest meeting 2016 Copyright©


Artist Statement:-


My name is Artist Paul Milton B.D.A Ambassador for Art’s and Dyslexia I am a keen advocate for equality and right’s in the field of dyslexia. I believe in making a positive difference and positive changes in the way we approach and tackle the subject of dyslexia.




My interest in equality and human rights came about by personal experience and the need to know and has been a natural journey and progression. “When what you care about is taken away or denied it’s amazing how much you’re willing to fight for your civil liberties and what you believe to be just and true.”


“I’m glad to say I’ve met some nice people.”


“I prefer to go out and make those changes happen actions speak louder than words, or social media especially in the world of dyslexia.”


“What I have done and achieved I have done myself and for my fellow dyslexic’s and I will continue to campaign and try my upmost to make those changes for fairness and equality happen”.


Paul Milton at Downing Street 2016


Professional Artist Paul Milton London Outside Downing St 2016 Copyright©


Paul Milton with Justin Tomlinson 


Artist Paul Milton recent meeting with Minister for disabilities. Big thank you to my local council for their continued support:-



Artist Paul Milton London Westminster with Justin Tomlinson Minister for disabilities. A really brilliant day a real pleasure to meet such nice people!



Equality and Human Right’s Connected to Dyslexia.


My passion for equality and right’s in the field of dyslexia has only taken precedence recently 2016.


Sadly recently I have encountered prejudice of my dyslexia which I had to deal with by myself but it made me raise the question surely there was something to protect me?


That question would start my journey and take me into the world of dyslexia and politics’.


What I didn’t realise was the struggle my mum went through as well with me when I was younger and that she had gone down the same path as I have trying to find out what me and my mum were entitled to but primarily our right’s.


When your dyslexic reading books and sifting through data isn’t easy to find out rights and equalities which is why I have done this page.


My background with Dyslexia:-


Dyslexia run’s in my family I am dyslexic, my mum is dyslexic, and my father and mother are both undiagnosed dyslexic we all help each other as families should do, one of my greatest strengths. I’m so lucky and fortunate to have such brilliant parent’s a constant rock and strength.


Right’s and Equalities Basic’s:-


The first part is understanding the basic’s, of right’s, and equalities connected to dyslexia.


Equality Definition:-


The definition of equality mean’s each individual person regardless of race, disability, sex, sexuality in entitled to equal opportunities and chances in life “an equal chance”.


Human Right’s definition:-


The human rights act is sadly a bit more complicated and more complex but it’s root’s come from a United Nation’s declaration which state’s the right’s and freedom’s entitled to all human being’s, the human rights act is in place to protect your civil liberties or what you hold dear.




Please note these details’ are just the basics with the aim of giving dyslexic people a basic understanding of what right’s and equalities are. For legal advice please use the link’s below or contact your local authority and council.


Please note the British Government have been very supportive on this subject:-


“One kind lady was a delight to speak to if only everyone could be so open to dyslexia and Kind and helpful”.




For further assistance with equalities, and right’s, please use the links below kindly provided by the government where I am sure they will be able to help and assist you further.




In the UK, Dyslexia is recognised as a disability under the terms of the Equality Act 2010. You can find out more about who this legislation protects and what types of discrimination it covers by looking at the Government's Equality Act 2010 guidance: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/equality-act-2010-guidance




If you have further questions about how the law may be applied in particular cases, please contact the Equality Advisory and Support Service [https://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com] who offer a free advice line and are able to advise on all equalities issues. Contact details are given on their website at: https://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/app/ask/session/L3RpbWUvMTQ1NTc4NzEyNy9zaWQvNzJRdWRuSm0%3D






“I will continue as always to do all I can and more for dyslexia, I am keen to bring forward change in the way we approach dyslexia “Empty word’s, and gesture’s and lack substance have no place in the field of dyslexia”.


“Actions speak louder than words, or intentions, which is why I am different “if I can help to make these changes I will”.




Paul Milton Westminster Parliament 2016

 Big thank you to my local Council and Mayor for supporting Dyslexia Awareness and their continued support.Please follow link and promote the Awareness and Understanding Of Dyslexia:-



The Right to be Dyslexic?
When it comes to human rights and what we are entitled to most people don't really    know there rights or take those liberties for granted.
We are all brought up and taught are history and tales of the Great War where we are told how those brave soldiers of old fought and died for are freedom and rights. They fought for our freedom, that freedom to be free in body in speech and in word are civil freedoms and human rights.
When your rights are taken away from you it's surprising how much you are willing to fight to regain those rights back and stand up for what is right and just.
When people don't adhere or acknowledge those civil freedoms and laws your willing to fight for those freedoms even more like a tribal war cry a inner beast of primal instinct and rage.
No person has the right to silence another person to prevent a person from expressing them selves it is our legal right to express our selves with out inhibition and persecution to run and saw through this world with no person having the right to hold you back to be treated equally and fairly where favoritism has no place.
Human rights are complex and can be hindered by so many different things Most commonly human nature it’s self.
On occasion I have been in the situation mainly associated with my dyslexia where I have been in the situation "That that is not for you that's for the other people" or where I have been prevented from doing something not because of health or safety but because of prejudice and bigotry and bullying"
"I will not stand for that any more no person will ever tell me what I can and cannot achieve or do and that this is not for you this is for the other people"
The most powerful of all rights is the freedom of speech to have your voice heard and opinion heard with out prejudice or muffling or silencing to be unhindered in elevating your voice and opinion forward. Where you shouldn't feel afraid to voice your opinion and where you shouldn't be able to hear fear in another person's voice the fear of voicing their opinion and standing up for what is right.
The freedom of expression as an artist and professional writer is one of my favorites that right in its self is so powerful and I am so glad of that right.
Even the word "expression" is expressive in its self it sounds fast quick and alive and running on the page, what would it be like to live in a world where you couldn't cry laugh or joke, what life would that be and who has the right to stop a person from doing that and why?
To live in a world where you cannot write, speak, or talk without fear of persecution is no life at all, to feel so bottled up and frustrated like a pan on the heat boiling over with bottled up emotions and expressions that right of 1998 is why I am proud to say I am British. And where that law of 1998 is like a yell from the law pages to say you’re alive.
The right to speak, sing, shout, cry, laugh and joke the right to voice your opinion the right to be angry the right to flow these words on this page. The right to feel emotion.
Stand up for your rights and look into what you are entitled to and be free to live the life your entitled to a life with out walls with out confinement and with out barriers.
And be proud to be dyslexic and be proud to be different.




 Artist Paul Milton London, Conference Meeting 2016:-
A pleasure to meet such nice, kind, and like minded people :)





Artist and Ambassador for Art's, Dyslexia and Disabilities Paul Milton latest Trip and Visit to America UNHQ. A really informative and insightful trip and visit, all the best to the kind people I met and spoke to.